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'MINTBUILDBUSINESS’ Leadership series with Tiger Tyagarajan, Puneet Chandok and Jaideep Mehta

In the second episode of ‘#MINTBUILDBUSINESS’ Leadership program, Jaideep Mehta, CEO of Mosaic Digital, in conversation with Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO, GENPACT  and Puneet Chandok, President, AWS India and South Asia, about the impact of platforms on the ecosystem, and how as a CEO they are enabling workforce continuity, minimizing the shock, managing to capitalise the increased demand. 

Given the sea change in the ecosystem in which organisations are operating today, the top agenda across leadership is to build resilient businesses for the longer term. And this is creating a whole different paradigm of competition for varying levels of profitability. What is the best approach to enable more platforms and keep winning in the market in such a scenario?

Said Tiger Tyagarajan, " Every business is now a technology business. The ability to pull data together and then use it in real-time in a predictive manner is where value gets created.  The joy of using technology in personal lives >  a business environment."

Said Puneet Chandok, “The future business is virtual. Agility + Flexibility = Future of Organisation.” He further added, “learn to play with technology.”

In the context of the Role of Technology in India and the vantage point that cuts across mature markets, Jaideep further asked about the key levers the industry needs to pull to accelerate digital transformation and tech. ecosystem/infrastructure providers best help to support this transformation? And, how do you see AI, ML and other next-gen technologies shaping the Indian enterprise landscape?

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