LinkedIn will now let you apply for jobs, text others in Hindi

LinkedIn will now let you apply for jobs, text others in Hindi
Photo Credit: Reuters
2 Dec, 2021

LinkedIn has achieved a new feat by rolling out support for Hindi, as the first Indian official language, on its platform.

The professional networking platform said that the launch will now pave way for the users to create their profiles and set them up in Hindi, as well as access the main feed, write posts and message other users in the language itself. 

In a post on the company’s official blog, LinkedIn India country head, Ashutosh Gupta said that India is LinkedIn’s second largest market, with over 82 million users in the country.  

He added that in the coming months, LinkedIn itself will push to add Hindi publishers and content creators to boost the use of the language on the app. 

LinkedIn says that the rollout of Hindi as a language on the app is the first phase of the company’s efforts to use it on the platform.  

“As the next step, we’re working towards widening the range of job opportunities available for Hindi-speaking professionals across industries, including more banking and government jobs,” Gupta wrote. 

The platform now offers support for 25 languages globally, including English.  

According to a report, published on August 19, 2021, LinkedIn has over 660 million registered users around the world, of which over 300 million count as active users every month. 

The platform has been adding new features to boost its growth and keep pace with other social media platforms around the world.  

On March 31, 2021, LinkedIn introduced ‘Creator Mode’ for frequent users of the platform.  

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Last Tuesday, LinkedIn rolled out an update that makes features such as live video broadcasting available to users who have the ‘Creator Mode’ enabled on their account, along with the ability to send newsletters to followers in their networks.