Lenovo's Digital Dialogue: Episode 1


In this exclusive episode of the “Digital Dialogues: Meeting Changing Expectations of a Modernised Workplace' in partnership with TechCircle, we discussed—why leadership is essential for an organisation, how can we build a culture that keeps the organization together, and how Lenovo help businesses meet the changing expectations of the new age. The first episode features Stephen Sequeira, Director Enterprise Business, Lenovo India, Kersi Tavadia, CIO, BSE, and Sumedha Bose, AGM- Research & Solutions, Mosaic Digital, as our guest speakers.

The economic turmoil and the disruption in the last two years have poked holes in long-standing norms of 3Ws—Work, Workforce, and Workplace. Today, five structural pillars (People & Leaders, Operations, Digital Ecosystem, Pace of Innovation, and Platforms) amplify business and promise value creation. The cornerstone of successful transformation is—Leadership. How has been your transformation journey over the years as a  leader? How have you upended convention and created a new vision for the future? Most importantly, how have you evolved as an Expert at Change? 


Said Kersi Tavadia, “To succeed, you have to make your destiny. You can’t have your destinies written by vendors. You can’t outsource your responsibilities. Today, the entire leadership in BSE believes in doing it yourself. In the context of the organisation's journey, he further added, "We never say no to business. We bring in the technology that business wants. To maintain security: we ensured that none of our information as assets would go out. We gave people access to the desktops from the rooms in a secure manner.”

Said Stephen Sequeira, "Pandemic shifted secured environment to unsecured open environment and organization expected there shouldn't be any drop in productivity.  We launched smart devices or AI-enabled laptops with in-built security features to manage this. We also had secured Wi-Fi enablement in our devices. All these are completely managed solutions. We are not only providing devices. We also have smart turnkey solutions—which we deploy, manage, and run for the organisation. These solutions help in smart data analytics to designing smart offices.” 

In the context of a future-ready blueprint, Kersi mentioned, “ We are identifying functions which can’t function without being in office.” Stephen added, “We are in a sweet spot, and we look forward to collaborating with CIOs and partnering with them in their growth journey.”


Watch the entire clip to get complete insights.   

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