LinkedIn boosted by recruiting products

April Dembosky

LinkedIn surpassed Wall Street expectations for its third-quarter earnings, reporting a leap in profits and revenues that sent ....

2 November, 2012

Social media adverts turf war heats up

Team TC & Tim Bradshaw, & April Dembosky

It is five months since General Motors last spent a cent on Facebook advertising. The US carmaker's revelation in May that the ....

15 October, 2012

'Mobile wallet' company valued at $3B

April Dembosky

A technology company racing to become the default "wallet" on mobile devices has been valued $3.25bn in its latest fundraising, ....

18 September, 2012

Facebook rolls out real-time ad platform

Mark Wembridge & April Dembosky

Some of the world's largest advertising companies have signed up to Facebook's new real-time advertising platform, in a move that ....

14 September, 2012

Facebook treads fine line with advertisers

April Dembosky

Tension is growing between Facebook and its advertisers, as they clamour for more access to its data, and the social network continues ....

24 July, 2012

Venture capital funding consolidates

April Dembosky

Power is consolidating in the venture capital industry as investors bet on fewer firms to deliver larger, quicker returns from ....

10 July, 2012

Baby boomer market is from cradle to grave

April Dembosky

Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush stood before a panel of investors, trying to convince them how death could become an online business ....

2 July, 2012

Web start-ups accelerate global expansion

Team TC & Tim Bradshaw, & April Dembosky

American internet start-ups such as Airbnb, Uber and are accelerating their efforts to expand internationally, powered ....

20 June, 2012

Facebook Instagram deal delay threat

April Dembosky

A competition probe into Facebook's $1bn acquisition of photo-sharing service Instagram threatens to postpone the closure of the ....

11 May, 2012

Groupon Adds Finance Experts To Board

April Dembosky

Groupon is adding two finance experts to its board as the daily deals company attempts a financial makeover to win back investor ....

1 May, 2012

Ebay Aims For Lead In Mobile Payments Race

April Dembosky

Ebay is staking out its ground in the race to lead the mobile payments market, as large companies and start-ups alike compete ....

19 April, 2012

Facebook Entrepreneurs In Hot Demand

April Dembosky

The Facebook mafia is a social network. The band of early Facebook employees who built the online world of friending, liking and ....

12 March, 2012

Silicon Valley Gets More Political Business

April Dembosky

Four years ago, Dan Siroker sat behind a computer in Chicago at Barack Obama's 2008 campaign headquarters, developing the first ....

5 March, 2012

File-share Group Dropbox Acquires Start-up Cove

April Dembosky

Dropbox, the digital file-sharing company that raised $250m in financing last year, has made its first acquisition, taking over ....

28 February, 2012

Facebook Millionaires Eye New Exploits

April Dembosky

The Facebook IPO will give birth to a new generation of young millionaires in Silicon Valley and a handful of billionaires, several ....

3 February, 2012

Facebook Trade Halt Raises IPO Hopes

April Dembosky

Facebook is suspending the completion of trades of its stock on the private secondary market until the end of the week, according ....

25 January, 2012

Lionsgate To Use Facebook For Film Launch

April Dembosky

Lionsgate will be the first movie studio to include Facebook rentals in a home entertainment launch of a national feature film ....

18 January, 2012

Soul Searching In Silicon Valley

April Dembosky

At their launch in 2006 the founders of AnchorFree had the same high hopes for their technology start-up as any other: to woo ....

5 January, 2012

Retailers Wait For Facebook To Deliver

Barney Jopson & April Dembosky

Even as US Christmas shoppers have spent record sums online this year, one of the biggest disappointments for some internet entrepreneurs ....

26 December, 2011

Facebook To Allow Advertising In News Feed

April Dembosky

Facebook will begin mixing paid advertising content with users' updates from friends and family in early 2012, marking a commercial ....

22 December, 2011

Branding For Me, Myself And I

April Dembosky

Jesse Draper towers 6ft 3in in her hot-pink suede high-heeled shoes. She takes a seat in a light-pink armchair, in front of a ....

22 November, 2011