Keiretsu Forum’s Denny Kurien on how angel investors bring value to startup ecosystems

Binu Paul

Keiretsu Forum, a global network of accredited angel investors, has quietly built out a portfolio of nearly 100 companies in India ....

15 November, 2018

Global angel network Keiretsu Forum looks for a dozen chapters in India

Manu P Toms

Keiretsu Forum, a leading global angel network with around 2,500 members and 46 chapters has launched its third chapter in India ....

21 October, 2016

Exclusive: Powai Lake Ventures goes slow on new startup bets

Priya Prasad

Powai Lake Ventures, a network of Mumbai-based angel investors who backed startups mostly in the city, has slowed dealmaking this ....

8 August, 2016

Indian Angel Network Recasts Funding Strategy For Start-Ups

Anil Das

Indian Angel Network, a community of early-stage seed investors, has recast its strategy for funding and mentoring early stage ....

4 November, 2011