The next big disruption is coming

Kunal Khattar

'Discipline' was the defining word for the venture capital community in 2016. Even as early stage investments kept pace throughout ....

16 January, 2017

Online sales of physical goods to grow to $8.5B in 2016 from $2B in 2013: Accel Partners

Sainul K

Women-influenced online sales in India will grow 5x in the next three years, mainly due to growth in the supply of women-specific ....

4 April, 2014

PayUPaisa launches 'release on delivery' option to bring down CoD transactions

Sonam Gulati

Gurgaon-based online payment solution firm PayU India Internet Pvt Ltd has launched a new payment mode called release on delivery ....

21 November, 2013

Five trends to watch out for in payments & transaction processing industry

Diksha Dutta & Sonam Gulati

First it was ATMs, then came net banking and now it is mobile banking. Similarly, four years ago it was Loyalty vouchers through ....

25 January, 2013

COD will give way to payment on delivery soon, say experts

Sonam Gulati

Online payments ecosystem is evolving and is at a stage where payments will move from the majorly popular cash on delivery (COD) ....

24 January, 2013

Digital Payments: Pursuit of the Holy Grail

Aashish Bhinde & Karan Sharma

The brief lull in e-commerce interest since the start of 2012 seems to have driven people to focus on ways to expand the market ....

11 June, 2012

COD A Painful Necessity For Indian E-com Players

Anand Rai & Aashish Bhinde

Cash on delivery (COD) props up as a hot topic of discussion in any forum where we find two or more executives from Indian e-commerce ....

1 May, 2012

Why I Don't Believe In COD: Canvera's Dhiraj Kacker

Dhiraj Kacker

Payments systems (or lack of them) are a very big problem for India e-commerce and as much as COD is being touted as the panacea ....

23 January, 2012

Problems With Cash On Delivery Can Trip Up Indian E-com; Solutions Sought

Sonam Gulati

E-commerce entrepreneurship continues to flourish in India but the payment network is literally huffing and puffing to catch up ....

23 January, 2012