Google Assistant will soon be able to recognise two languages at the same time

Google Assistant will soon be able to recognise two languages at the same time
Photo Credit: Pixabay
31 Aug, 2018

Search giant Google is set to announce that its virtual assistant has turned bilingual.

While Google Assistant already supports several languages, a user currently needs to tweak the device’s settings for the voice assistant to switch to a different language. But with the new feature, Google Assistant will be able to understand two languages at once.

The feature will be officially revealed at annual electronics trade show IFA which will be held in Berlin between August 31 and September 5.

According to a Google blog, it wants Assistant to keep up with family members who use different languages while talking at home. With the advanced speech recognition, one can speak two languages interchangeably with Google Assistant using phones and smart speakers, the blog added.

“Whether you speak German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, you’ll be able to set the temperature, lock the doors, dim the lights and more from a smart speaker and smartphone,” said Manuel Bronstein, vice-president of product at Google Assistant.

The virtual assistant will support more languages in the coming months.

In March this year, Google said that Indian users would be able to ask questions and receive answers from Assistant in Hindi.

Meanwhile, Google Home Max, a smart speaker launched by Google recently to enhance the music listening experience with Assistant, goes on sale from Friday in countries including UK, Germany and France.

Additionally, Google plans to announce that Assistant will be built into new voice-activated speakers including Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound 1 and Beosound 2, Blaupunkt’s PVA 100, Harman Kardon’s HK Citation series, Kygo’s Speaker B9-800, Polaroid’s Sam and Buddy and Marshall Acton II and Stanmore II.

Google Assistant has expanded into Android phones including the LG G7 One, SHARP Simple Smartphone 4 and Vivo NEX S, which have dedicated buttons to access the Assistant.

“And this week we're announcing that over the coming year, more headphones are on the way, including the JBL Everest GA and LG Tone Platinum, and Earin M-2. When you pair them to your phone, you can talk to the Assistant instantly with just a touch,” Bronstein added in the blog.