US firm Pegasystems rolls out AI with heart to foster empathy in enterprises for customers

US firm Pegasystems rolls out AI with heart to foster empathy in enterprises for customers
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
6 Jun, 2019

US-based software services firm Pegasystems has launched a new empathy artificial intelligence (AI) solution for enterprises to boost customer relations. 

Called Customer Empathy Advisor and a part of Pega Customer Decision Hub, the new feature allows organisations to increase the level of empathy in AI-assisted conversations so they can build more trust, loyalty, and value with each customer.

“Most businesses are conditioned to try and squeeze every last drop of profit from each customer. But this predatory mentality distorts the fact that practising a little empathy is not only good for the customer, it’s good for business,” said Rob Walker, vice-president, decisioning and analytics, Pegasystems. 

With the new solution, Pega Customer Decision Hub analyses customer data to guide customer-facing agents and virtual assistants to take the next best action with each customer, the company said. 

Customer Empathy Advisor feature takes analysis one step deeper by examining how empathic recommendations are and offers a more compassionate approach – which, contrary to popular belief, is often the most profitable strategy as well, the firm said.

According to Walker, the advisor takes a three-step approach to integrating empathy into enterprise decision-making -- analysing empathy in any engagement, predicting the return on empathy and putting empathy to work.

"First, Pega’s machine learning capabilities analyse the organisation’s marketing, sales, and service strategies to assess the current level of empathy. The Customer Empathy Advisor dashboard breaks down the different elements of empathy applied within each strategy," he explained.

In a separate development, the company also introduced real-time AI connectors – a new set of APIs enabling Pega clients to plug in third-party AI engines to their already-powerful Pega AI. 

The new connectors will allow clients to enhance their Pega customer experience software with other leading AI services such as Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine and Amazon SageMaker.