Enterprise Tech Dispatch: Debate continues on AI affecting jobs; India's first blockchain-powered OTT platform

Enterprise Tech Dispatch: Debate continues on AI affecting jobs; India's first blockchain-powered OTT platform
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27 Sep, 2019

At a time when the Indian industry is debating the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the economy, a new report claims that AI is actually eating away jobs.

Only 10 AI-related jobs are created for every 100 jobs lost due to enterprises adopting digital technologies, The Economic Times reported, quoting Sridhar Mitta, founder of digital technology services provider NextWealth Entrepreneurs, Prakash Mallya, head of Intel India and Supriyo Das, vice-president, Wipro Technologies.

The report also hints at another major issue that has been plaguing India Inc, skilling, as companies move to adopt frontier technologies. Several large IT companies such as Amazon and Intel and system integrators such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies have announced reskilling programmes to ensure faster output to market and faster delivery of projects to customers.   

However, there are other reports that claim AI might not have a major impact on the job market. In fact, news reports also hint that companies are looking to hire more engineers in India.

Vishal Sikka, former CEO, Infosys has said India could be a leader in the AI space in the coming years.

Sikka, founder of AI startup Vianai Systems that raised a $50 million seed fund, said if India can introduce AI to the education system, it will be easy for the country to build AI-based solutions, The Hindu reported.

There is also a lot of positivity around how the country can leverage AI. While policy think tank Niti Aayog is looking at implementing AI in sectors such as education and healthcare, the Indian Army is also looking at introducing AI to help soldiers.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh has asked defence ministry officials to introduce AI into the army operations, India Today reported. News agency PTI reported South-Western Commander LT General Alok Singh Kher saying the army is likely to introduce AI into mechanised forces in the next two to three years.

On the consumer technology side, OnePlus, like Huawei, Apple and Samsung, is trying to infuse AI into smartphones to offer better customer experience. The company in a statement said that it was partnering with messaging platform Gupshup to replace traditional SMS experience with AI experience.

India's first blockchain-powered OTT platform

Even as cryptocurrency trading firms are shutting operations in India, an Indian startup is now using blockchain, the same tech behind crypto assets, to launch a new OTT platform, YourStroy reported.

The blockchain-powered OTT platform is backed by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and has currently over 200 videos or content on the app, the report said.

Called myNK, the app uses blockchain to assign rights to the content and also timestamp it to create an immutable record of all the transactions on the platform.

The report also said the blockchain usage will ensure creation of an ecosystem where every piece of content can be monetised and offers can be passed on to consumers.

myNK, which is run by MinersInc, was founded by Nitin Narkhede and Deepak Jayaram. The app is available in multiple countries.

Pichai weighs in on data privacy, security

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said governments and regulators should look at data privacy and security in a different light.

In an interview with Times of India, Pichai said regulators should look at the situation much like the internet which is a shared resource and works globally.