Zendesk partners with TCS to build enterprise CRM solutions

Zendesk partners with TCS to build enterprise CRM solutions
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25 Mar, 2020

San Francisco headquartered customer service software company Zendesk has partnered with Indian information technology (IT) services major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for large businesses. 

Zendesk will integrate its CRM solutions with the digital expertise of TCS to help companies across sectors, a statement said. 

“In India, we can observe an urgency to make enterprise CRM more adaptable and user-friendly to cater to the diverse user base. The timing for this partnership could not have been better to serve our local customers,” KT Prasad, country sales director for Zendesk in India, said.

The partnership will combine Zendesk’s support, sales and engagement software solutions together with TCS’ contextual knowledge and experience in digital transformation to offer CRM custom solutions and integrations to large enterprises, the statement added. 

This year, the customer experience of a brand is expected to surpass a product’s price and quality as the key differentiator, according to a report by consulting firm Walker Information. This provides TCS and Zendesk an opportunity to mutually benefit from each other’s individual expertise.

“With the combination of TCS’ history of providing IT services to businesses in their transformation and our service-first CRM offerings, we look forward to helping companies foster a transparent, responsive and empowered customer experience," Ricardo Moreno, vice president at Zendesk, said.  

This partnership announcement comes on the heels of Zendesk’s recent product launches, such as Support Suite, Sales Suite and Sunshine, which enable service and sales teams to instantly connect with their customers across all touchpoints, the statement said. 

Zendesk serves more than 1,50,000 customers across industries including telecom, financial services, media, manufacturing and retail, it added. 

Earlier this month, TCS launched a new business ecosystem integration services suite to help small businesses combine forces with larger ecosystems and create new augmented offerings.