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Watch: Dell India’s Ripu Bajwa on data protection challenges in the work from home era

19 Jan, 2021

With the pandemic pushing people across the world into a work from home environment, companies have to rethink their cybersecurity strategies for data distributed across edge, core and the cloud, and not just local storage. 

In an interview with TechCircle, Ripu Bajwa, who heads the Data Protection Solutions unit at Dell Technologies, India spoke about the new challenges that have emerged due to the shift in how businesses are run now. 

To maintain business continuity, companies currently have to deal with supporting service-level agreements and compliance, automating compliance for data protection, archiving and recovery, future proof investments as well as enable self-service recovery for remote workers.

Data protection has emerged as a critical component of business strategy given the widespread adoption of cloud, automation and other trends which are seeing more of critical enterprise data being exposed to cyberattacks.

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According to the Dell Technologies 2020 Digital Transformation Index, cyber security and privacy have emerged as the topmost barrier for enterprises carrying out digital transformation during the ongoing pandemic induced work from home situation.

Bajwa also explained the difference between disaster recovery (DR) and cyber recovery, and why a strategy for the latter is critical. Additionally, he spoke about how companies can optimise usage of the public cloud for cost effectiveness and an example of how Dell’s automated air-gap solution can help the US financial industry cushion the impact of a cyber-attack.

Bajwa has worked with Dell for more than 14 years and looks after the data protection solution business in India. In a career spanning for more than a decade, he has been associated with leading technology organizations like HCL, IBM, and Microsoft, prior to his association with Dell.

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