Uniphore beefs up conversational AI portfolio with features from Jacada

Uniphore beefs up conversational AI portfolio with features from Jacada
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Uniphore has launched a new version of its Conversational Automation (CA) platform and other solutions post integrating the features of contact centre automation software provider Jacada.  

In July, Uniphore announced that it would acquire Jacada and has now finished the integration of the Israel-based company's features into its own platform.  

The new integrated solution will combine conversational AI, workflow automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), low-code/no-code capabilities and a more user friendly interface, Uniphore said.

This in turn will help contact center agents to provide more personalised and empathetic interactions.  

“The power of the two platforms coming together, along with our future innovations in the CA space will truly transform the customer experience in a range of industries, from sales and marketing, to education, HR, healthcare and beyond,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder, Uniphore.  

The Conversational AI platform will include sentiment, intent and emotion analysis, this will now combine with Jacada’s workflow and desktop automation solutions to provide agents with the solutions for agents, called U-Assist.  

The agent-assist solution will guide agents in real-time and will gauge customer intent, conversation content, sentiment and emotion.

The agent’s promises on the call are then registered, and automation is applied to ensure their fulfilment.  

Additionally, the integration of Jacada’s user interface will now feature on Uniphore’s Conversational AI platform, to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern-day automation.  

“This empowers business users to accelerate the rapid development and quick implementation of next-gen customer experience applications across self-service and agent-assisted interactions,” the company said.  

Additionally, Uniphore’s self-service solution U-Self Serve, will now feature Jacada’s visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response), while agent efficiencies will be improved through availability of attended and unattended RPA.

Unattended RPA refers to bots that can run automation on its own, while attended RPA take in inputs from users to run tasks.  

“With the acquisition of Jacada and the integration of its low-code/no-code interface and unattended RPA capabilities, the potential for Uniphore’s platform grow beyond contact centers and customer service to enterprise-wide applications,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder at Opus Research.