Bike taxi startup Rapido is raising $55 mn in fresh funding round

Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Telangana-based bike taxi startup Rapido is raising $54.55 million in a fresh round of funding led by Bengaluru-based public markets-focussed ....

28 August, 2019

Bike taxi startup Rapido acqui-hires data analytics firm Vahanalytics

Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Bike taxi startup Rapido has acqui-hired Mumbai-based data analytics firm Vahanalytics in a cash-cum-stock deal. Aravind Sanka, ....

20 August, 2019

Madras HC order takes Rapido’s bike taxis off the roads in Tamil Nadu

Tanmay Tiwary

The Madras High Court has banned Roppen Transportation Services from operating its bike taxi service Rapido in Tamil Nadu. Rapido, ....

22 July, 2019

Bike taxi startup Rapido’s valuation shoots up in new funding round

Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Roppen Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd, which operates bike taxi startup Rapido, is raising up to $11.19 million (Rs 78.23 crore ....

24 April, 2019

Can bike taxi startups ride their way to growth?

Binu Paul

This is the final of a three-part series that analyses India’s transport aggregation sector. You can read the previous parts here and ....

4 October, 2018