Salesforce ramps up public cloud presence with launch of Hyperforce

Salesforce ramps up public cloud presence with launch of Hyperforce
Photo Credit: Reuters

CRM (customer relationship management) major Salesforce has announced the launch of Hyperforce in India, a solution that will help run all existing Salesforce solutions on the public cloud. 

“Salesforce Hyperforce is a quantum leap forward in how Salesforce can accelerate our global customers' digital transformations and empower them to grow, fast and at scale, on our trusted platform,” Bret Taylor, president and COO, Salesforce said in a statement. 

Salesforce says Hyperforce is a ‘reimagination’ of the company’s architecture to deliver Salesforce Customer 360, including the sales cloud, service cloud marketing cloud, commerce cloud and other solutions to work seamlessly with major public service cloud providers. Earlier, Salesforce had its own cloud resources that it made available to customers.

The San Francisco based company has launched Hyperforce in India and Germany and is expected to expand the service to 10 other countries by the end of 2021, according to media reports.  

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Features on the platform include higher compute capacity with resources being deployed into the public cloud quickly and easily, reducing implementation time from months to weeks. 

Salesforce also said it has built-in encryption at rest and in transit as standard, providing better data privacy and security. 

Hyperforce would also give the option of local data storage to ease compliance and regulations specific to their geographies, along with compatibility for every sales application, its customization and integration, regardless of the cloud vendor.

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“Salesforce Hyperforce will provide India with the next generation of Salesforce software architecture poised to further augment innovation, business transformation and success for our customers and partners, while complying with relevant data standards in the country,” Arundhati Bhattacharya, chairperson and CEO, Salesforce India, said about the launch in the country.