Apple's debacle – why growth is all that matters

Adam Hartung

Apple announced earnings for the 4th quarter this week, and the company was creamed. Almost universally industry analysts and ....

1 February, 2016

How Google stole the show from Apple

Adam Hartung

The three highest valued publicly traded companies today (2/3/16) are Google/Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft.  All 3 are tech companies, ....

4 February, 2016

The Phoenix Principle: Is Yahoo doomed? Probably

Adam Hartung

Marissa Mayer's reign as head of Yahoo looks to be ending like her predecessors.  With a serious flop.  Only this may well ....

7 December, 2015

Why PayPal is worth more than eBay

Adam Hartung

eBay was once a game changer.  When the internet was very young, and few businesses provided ecommerce, eBay was a pioneer. ....

3 August, 2015

Bigger is not always better why Amazon is worth more than Walmart

Adam Hartung

This week an important event happened on Wall Street. The value of Amazon (about $248 billion) exceeded the value of Walmart ....

27 July, 2015

A $7.6B write-off plus layoffs is never a good sign, Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Microsoft announced today it was going to shut down the Nokia phone unit, take a $7.6B write-off (more than the $7.2B they ....

9 July, 2015

Costolo should not have been fired Twitter investors worry

Adam Hartung

Dick Costolo was let go from his role as CEO of Twitter, to be replaced by a former CEO that was also fired.  Unfortunately, ....

15 June, 2015

Why Microsoft Windows 10 really doesn't matter

Adam Hartung

Yesterday Microsoft conducted a pre-launch of Windows 10, demonstrating its features in an effort to excite developers and create ....

23 January, 2015

Resolve to focus on goals rather than results in 2015

Adam Hartung

Results, results, results.  We frequently hear that we should focus on results. More often than not, focusing on results is ....

2 January, 2015

Everyone knows TV is dying, yet marketing leaders over-spend on TV

Adam Hartung

The trend toward the death of broadcast TV as we've known it keeps moving forward.  This trend may not happen as fast as the ....

12 December, 2014

A call to action for better board governance of strategy

Adam Hartung

"Where was the Board of Directors?" That is one of the questions I am asked most frequently.  And it's a good one.  Readers, ....

22 October, 2014

Hewlett Packard's musical chairs game

Adam Hartung

Hewlett Packard is splitting in two. Do you find yourself wondering why?  You aren't alone. Hewlett Packard is nearly 75 years ....

7 October, 2014

Wrong assumptions create lousy outcomes

Adam Hartung

Sony was once the leader in consumer electronics.  A brand powerhouse who's products commanded a premium price and were in every ....

22 September, 2014

Microsoft's Last Stand

Adam Hartung

Over the last couple of weeks big announcements from Apple, IBM and Microsoft have set the stage for what is likely to be Microsoft's ....

31 July, 2014

The Kindle smartphone is a game changer - But not as you think

Adam Hartung

Yesterday Amazon launched its new Kindle Fire smartphone. "Ho-hum" you, and a lot of other people, said.  "Why?"  "What's so ....

20 June, 2014

Will Steve Ballmer be a good LA Clippers leader?

Adam Hartung

Anyone who reads my column knows I've been no fan of Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft.  On multiple occasions I chastised him ....

3 June, 2014

Do earnings announcements matter? Not to smart CEOs

Adam Hartung

Every quarter I have to be reminded that "earnings season" is again upon us.  The ritual of public companies announcing their ....

24 April, 2014

Why Microsoft is still speculative

Adam Hartung

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast" (Alexander Pope) As it does for most investors.  People do not like to accept the ....

2 April, 2014

The smart leadership lessons from Facebook's WhatsApp acquisition

Adam Hartung

Facebook is acquiring WhatsApp, a company with at most $300M revenues, and 55 employees, for $19billion.  That's billion - ....

25 February, 2014

Vision beats numbers - how Apple showed Intel a better way to grow

Adam Hartung

Can you believe it has been only 12 years since Apple introduced the iPod?  Since then Apple's value has risen from about $11 ....

7 November, 2013

Why Apple investors are deservedly worry

Adam Hartung

Apple announced the new iPhones recently.  And mostly, nobody cared. Remember when users waited anxiously for new products from ....

20 September, 2013